Opening 6th June 2024

OGATA at The Shinmonzen is a boutique selling an exclusive selection of Japanese teas, confectionery, crafts, and fragrance.

The left side of the store features the T., Collection, a unique blend of Japanese teas, as well as a selection of confections and tea utensils. In addition to 10 unique blended teas that for everyday enjoyment, the store also offers seasonal blended teas, ranging from refreshing teas suitable for starting the day, to teas that go well with sweets and meals, and even those that may be enjoyed before sleep.

The right side of the store offers a variety of crafts for daily living made with traditional Japanese techniques, as well as OGATA's unique fragrance YOKA, which will be presented for the first time in Japan. In the future, OGATA plans to hold various exhibitions related to Japanese crafts.

OGATA’s flagship store, OGATA Paris, in France offers comprehensive experiences redefining each aspect of our day-to-day lives. From enjoying a cup of tea, savoring a meal, using a handcrafted object, or simply appreciating the beauty of the space, OGATA draws from Japanese tradition and is guided by the harmony of nature with the hope to connect with people from all over the world. OGATA hopes to continue to foster this “way of being” together at The Shinmonzen.

Opening Hours