Kyoto’s new hidden gem is eponymous of ‘Shinmonzen Dori’ – known as The Street of the Artists, Fine Arts and Antique shops; a neighbourhood rich in arts, historical heritage and cultural legacy. Joining this artistic community and Japan’s cultural capital is The Shinmonzen; a luxury boutique hotel exclusively located in the beautifully preserved Gion Shirakawa and Shinmonzen Street.

The project has been a labour of love for over 10 years and has been designed by one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary architects - Tadao Ando and other artist friends for the modern travellers.

The Shinmonzen provides a highly personalized experience with Japanese Omotenashi as the core combined with the refined epicureanism shaped by our sister property Villa La Coste in Provence, creating ever-lasting memories of your trip.


"Along the Shirakawa River and Shinmonzen Street in Gion, Kyoto stands an elegant and triumphant hotel.
During our design process, the goal was to create a space that accommodates the desires of the modern traveler while respecting the tradition and legacy of Kyoto.
This hotel represents a nuanced fusion of the past, the present, and the future.

I believe that it will embody the essence of Kyoto while still appealing to cosmopolitan sensibilities.

From each room, guests can gaze upon a sparkling and effervescent river that is considered to be the most beautiful body of water in all of Kyoto.
I hope that everyone who visits will discover the new charm of an age-old city."

Tadao Ando
Architect & Associates